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With all of the new metrics involved and a strong bubble, I had low expectations. I ended up better than I figured I would. 66 of 68 IN, 62 exact or within 1 seed line. I'll take it. Below is MY picks and how they did. Thanks to everyone for your support this year, and please note, if you choose to use my picks for your office pool, wager with them at your own risk.

My "Expert" picks here. - Biggest seeding issues here.


PLEASE NOTE - My projections are based on at-large chances, so only conference leaders from 1-bid conferences are not placed in a First Four game.  Until a team wins the conference tournament, they are not officially a lock and can be placed in a First Four game or even out for multi-bid conferences.

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DISCLAIMER: From Wikipedia - Bracketology is the process of predicting the field of college basketball participants in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, named as such because it is commonly used to fill in tournament brackets for the postseason. It incorporates some method of predicting what the NCAA Selection Committee will use as its Ratings Percentage Index in order to determine at-large (non-conference winning) teams to complete the field of 68 teams, and, to seed the field by ranking all teams from first through sixty-eighth. Bracketology also encompasses the process of predicting the winners of each of the brackets. In recent years the concept of Bracketology has been applied to areas outside of basketball..

The part above that is in bold - this is what I do. If you choose to use my picks to try and win your office pool, then it's your own fault for doing so. I stink when it comes to doing that and make no secret about it. Madness is Madness, it rules, and no one gets them all right.

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Seed East Midwest South West
1 Villanova 30-4 Kansas 27-7 Virginia 31-2 Xavier 28-5
2 North Carolina 25-10 Duke 26-7 Cincinnati 30-4 Purdue 28-6
3 Michigan State 29-4 Michigan 28-7 Tennessee 25-8 Auburn 25-7
4 West Virginia 24-10 Wichita State 25-7 Texas Tech 24-9 Arizona 27-7
5 Houston 26-7 Clemson 23-9 Kentucky 24-10 Florida 20-12
6 Gonzaga 30-4 Arkansas 23-11 Ohio State 24-8 Miami 22-9
7 TCU 21-11 Nevada 27-7 Texas A&M 20-12 Seton Hall 21-11
8 Virginia Tech 21-11 Missouri 20-12 Rhode Island 25-6 Kansas State 22-11
9 Saint Bonaventure 25-7 Providence 21-13 Butler 20-13 Alabama 19-15
10 UCLA 21-11 USC 23-11 Texas 19-14 NC State 21-11
11 Oklahoma 18-12/Florida State 20-11 Arizona State 20-11/Marquette 19-13 Davidson 21-11 Loyola-Chicago 28-5
12 South Dakota State 28-6 Buffalo 26-8 Murray State 26-5 New Mexico State 28-5
13 San Diego State 22-10 UNCG 27-7 Marshall 24-10 Charleston 26-7
14 Montana 26-7 Bucknell 25-9 SFA 28-6 Wright State 25-9
15 Lipscomb 23-9 Penn 24-8 Georgia State 24-10 UMBC 24-10
16 NC Central 19-15/Radford 22-12 Cal State Fullerton 20-11 Iona 20-13 Long Island 18-16/TX Southern 15-19
Teams in Black were picked with the correct seed
Teams in Blue were 1 line away
Teams in Orange were 2 or more lines away
Teams in Red were not in the tourney



These projections are based on how I think the committee will make their selections, not how I would want to make them, if the season ended TODAY.  If you have any questions or comments about these predictions, if you find any errors, or if you just want to talk hoops feel free to email me.  Please note this is for entertainment purposes only. Yes, W.A.G. stands for Wild Ass Guess.  Thanks and enjoy.

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